The Perfect Peg for the Hole in My Heart

The Perfect Peg for the Hole in My Heart

I am an emotional being. Everyday I cry. Oh, don’t feel sympathy for me. I cry to sentimental stories, a passionate stirring, the sight of the homeless and the sight of daddy’s with their babies at the park. I think God has given me a squishy heart. I cry at the sight of a lonely teen and that of someone helping the elderly find their parked car. Its sweet. Life is made up of these things. These stirrings come from deep within. Special places in the heart that make us feel human. We long to belong and to be a part of something that will make us feel whole.

I love the seasons we experience here in sunny California. My personality really clicks with the weather. On rainy days I love to be home baking cookies in front of the fire with that dusty novel I have hoped to read. When the sun is out I am drawn to those beautiful green weeds I call a garden bed. I am a visionary when it comes to my garden. Chuckle.

There is a time for everything the Bible says.  In fact, in the book Ecclesiastes chapter three it says this, “He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also He has put eternity in our hearts”. That really gives us something to ponder…

Sometimes the whole focus of my day steers to the expectations I lay on my husband and others that I have dear relationships with. I seem to hold them prisoners of those expectations and how I believe they should be met. Its not their job to make me happy and that’s just not a fair way to play. The question needs to be ‘how can I contribute to their life’?

For so many years I would cry and pour out my heart to my husband trying to help him understand what I needed from him. I was empty and lonely in love and thought he was the answer. Instead, I have decided to be a good helpmate. After all, God has given me domestic abilities to make a house a home.

Friendships are important and can bring a value to life as well. But I realize people are very busy. Instead of saying I want to make more friends I have decided to be a good friend. I can be spontaneous and  creative. My bag is ready to grab albeit a yummy lunch together, a brisk walk along the beach or the latest sale at Kohl’s.

My children all grown up and with families of their own have many responsibilities already placed upon them. Although I love to spend time with them, I understand. I have been in the whirlwind of raising a family. I don’t want to become one more thing on their checklist. Although they know me as mom I delight even more so in their offspring who are absolutely welcome anytime! Being Gamma Mimi is the best. The world can keep on…but when my grand-littles are over playtime is on!

It’s possible that you may live far from your loved ones, your health may prevent you from getting out often, or you are surrounded with lots of people but feel intense longings. Look no further, God has already designed a plan for your day! We each are developing our legacy’s which will truly outlast us. Look around. You are needed and valued. God has placed you perfectly for the people He wants you to touch.

Years would go by before I discovered that the One who could fill that void was already mine. By placing Jesus Christ as the top priority, giving Him preeminence, which is His rightful place; I was positioning myself in the flow of His love. He is your source of happiness and fulfillment.

What is the hole in your heart? What or who do you look to, to fill that void in your heart? Is your heart longing for children, the perfect career, a nice home in the neighborhood watch environment, a working and functioning car, how about a working and functioning hands-free washing machine!

This week, I want to look at some biblical and cultural examples of women who were desperate to be loved and used for His glory and how the Lord met them right there. Will you tune in with me? We are no different than women in the Bible or around the world. We have so much to offer in the gifts and talents that God has given us. What women come to your mind that you would like to emulate?



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