Who I am and Why I’m Here

Who I am and Why I’m Here

Caring. Kind. Creative. Inspired. Equipped. Optimistic. Curious. I love life and I love people! My name is Lisa. I am not your typical middle aged gal. We’ve done life but there so much more left of it! Life is meant to be explored and experienced. And moving down my Christian bucket list makes my heart leap time after time. I have dreams and I believe it is never too late to start those dreams. Although life is also full of interruptions I have decided to turn those into opportunities to minister to the ones who love and need me most in those moments. And ultimately, we know it is God who decides the who, what, when and where…but I’m gonna knock at every door to find out what’s behind it for me.

So how did I get here? My heart, of course. The writer in me won’t die down no matter how many left turns I take. I love to express myself and words is a great way to do it! As much as technology has developed and grown it is making a way to reach more people. And I love people. Life is hard and my hope is to reach as many as I can to turn their view from the hardships in life to God’s perfect plan and perfect ways. He uses those hardships to develop us into the beautiful women He created us to be. Call it character development and it is a lifelong course. So rather than running away from it (which we really can’t anyway) let’s embrace those things that come our way. We can choose those things that will define us and celebrate them…hear the blow horns, see the balloons rise, hear the people shout. That’s you and me being all we can be!


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  1. So glad you started a bog Lisa! You’re a wonderful inspiration and woman of God! I look forward to reading every post!

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