Lisa Pacheco’s passion is to help women walk with a courageous confidence created through an unshakable faith built on the promises of God.

Lisa is an enthusiastic communicator with more than 18 years of experience imparting the truth of God’s Word to women in individual, small group, and large event settings. As a Bible teacher, she develops and teaches curriculum for small groups in her church. As a platform speaker, she unfolds Scripture with a contagious passion for truth, and challenges her listeners to live out their faith fully in the power of Christ.

Through her keynotes, retreats and workshops, audiences will:

  • Replace the worry that keeps you up at night for the deep trust that God has your best interest.
  • Recognize your unhealthy attachments to toxic relationships and carefully choose your supporters and mentors.
  • Turn away from feelings of inadequacy and comparison and raise your level of confidence in Christ.
  • Turn off the flow of negative thinking and channel your energy into the truth of God’s Word. 

Lisa’s life experiences include a number of extreme challenges including an unequally yoked marriage, children of special needs, and addictions within her family. She has learned to lean in on God for the strength and support she needs simply to get through one day at a time. The victories that she has experienced she contributes fully to a devoted prayer life knowing God hears and He cares.

You can find Lisa in beautiful sunny California texting with her adult children, in her succulent garden, or playing hide and seek with her spectacular grandchildren.

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