Whispers in the Garden

Whispers in the Garden

Adam and Eve had it good, so good I don’t know that they realized it was a true paradise. It wasn’t until the enemy whispered in Eve’s ear that she could have more. Entertaining that thought, she began to wonder what ‘more’ meant. Questions began to roll around her mind. The enemy had accomplished what he came to the garden for that morning.

My quiet time is spent in my garden each day. It may not look like paradise but it does serve as a sanctuary for me. God and I meet and I sit in wonder of the beautiful things He has created to delight my heart. I am a gardener at heart. Although in Southern California that may be succulents and geraniums due to a busy lifestyle. Nonetheless, the call to come resides there with a place setting just for me.

On this particular day a few years ago my husband’s workplace was transitioning and the work hours had declined and the benefits diminished. While sitting there with the Lord I had allowed many questions to whirl around my mind and fret took hold. As I wrung my hands and tears began to flow down my cheeks I felt guilty for these feelings of doubt. God had always provided for our family is the leanest of times and He would be faithful to do so now. As I opened my eyes there in front of me I witnessed a beautiful scene. Right before me, a bird had landed on this exotic plant that my son had given me for my birthday. It was in full bloom. It stood tall above the others with a cone emerging from the center. It was delicately ornate with plump seed like pods decorated in the deepest orange. The bird reached in and removed one seed tilting his neck up and relishing the sweetness he swallowed it.

My heart burst with both joy and sorrow. I can’t explain it except that I knew my Lord had allowed me to witness this small miracle. A message unfolded right before my eyes in the stillness of my prayer time.

“Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? Matthew 6:26-27

At that moment, it was no longer the voice of lies that permeated my soul but rather that of the One who gave His life for me that I could live more abundantly. My perspective changed that day. Hope. Trust. Assurance. Truly He had given me the ‘more’ that the devil had caused me to question.

The whispers of Jesus are always in the air.  Do you hear them? Close your eyes and call out the Name of Jesus and you will hear His voice above the lies the enemy. His promises are true and they are for you. Witness your miracle today.

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